Welcome to the Youth of Casa Cristiana. Our different Ministries aim specifically for Middle Schoolers with Reset, High Schoolers and Young Adults with Echo.

The ministry’s purpose is to guide and encourage the youth to maintain a Christian lifestyle and a growing relationship with God. Our Youth can enjoy an environment where they can grow and mature spiritually with the Word of God. Each one of the youth/young adult is very important to us and they will have the opportunity to contribute with excellence to the success of the ministry by using their gifts, talents and abilities that God by the Holy Spirit have given them for the glory of God. Even though our Youth Ministries promote an atmosphere of unity, peace, and fellowship, it must be noted, that the ministry is not a youth social club. It is a place that has a spiritual commitment and purpose.


Teens (High School)
14-18 Years Old
Service: Friday 8:00 PM

Group Yam
19-25 Years Old
Service: Friday 8:00 PM

Group Adults
(We reserve the right of admission)
Service: Friday 10:00 PM


1. Teach you the Word of God. Romans 10:17

2. Help you find your identity through the scriptures. Ephesians 2:10

3. Guide you on the right path to God. Colossians 2: 8

4. Give you the necessary tools to help you reach your call / purpose. 1 Peter 2: 9

5. Teach and reinforce the importance of the principles of authority and obedience.Romans 13:11

Our prayer is that youth have a strong foundation in the Word of God and that they maintain a close relationship with Christ, as well as achieve a transformation not only in their lives, but in those around them.


“God is calling this generation to make a difference. With your help and commitment, we believe that God’s best is yet to come.”


E-Mail: youth@lacasacristiana.org


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Video: Reset Youth